out: a poem

I am trying to figure my life out

Things really never work out

Maybe because I always break them, when they perfectly work out

Trying to go home but my girl already kicked me out

She found me making out

With a friend she made while I took her out

I try to say hi, when I meet her out

But she looks at me as if my mind is out

Coz the man she fell in love with, would never rip her heart out

She opened her mouth with anger, disgust, regret, get out

Of my life, coz I was now a stranger, and strangers are always out.

She made me be human, threw my demons out

Made my heart hospitable, brought it back from out

Something is wrong with me, how can I afford to throw such a thing out

Like that, and make her cry her lungs out

It’s all my fault, coz I threw the way she fell out

Brought my selfishness back from out

The way she let her smile out 4 me, makes my tears wanna come out

Another guy would hold her hand, when they come back from an out

Treat her better than I did, coz she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, is she 4rm this universe, no, she is from out

Don’t wanna see that, maybe it’s time to rip my heart out

but hope the happiness that i compressed in her, she can release it atomically, out

…..good luck pumpkin.

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